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AccessAbility Day 2018 Challenge

An opportunity for a person with disability to discover and showcase their own abilities in a workplace.

Michael AAD

There are 2.2 million Australians living with disability who are of working age, but Australians with disability are under-represented in the workforce. In fact, the employment rate for people with disability is almost half compared to those without disability.

During the week of 26 – 30 November 2018, we will be taking part in AccessAbility Day – a new Australian Government initiative developed to connect jobseekers with disability and employers. This event involves businesses hosting someone with a disability for the day, or even part of the day - to give them an opportunity to discover and showcase their own abilities in a workplace.

AccessAbility Day is a great opportunity for jobseekers with disability and employers to connect for a day and experience what each has to offer. It is not a job interview or a work trial, rather the goal is to have fun and to be a learning experience for both jobseekers with disability and employers!

In 2017 the AccessAbility Day trial was a resounding success and we are excited to be able to facilitate AccessAbility Day 2018 and show Australian businesses what jobseekers with disability can bring to all workplaces in Australia.

We will be working very closely with our jobseekers and employers to make this an enjoyable and beneficial day for all. Follow us on our blog and Facebook page to see our follow up of the day!

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