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Find Your New Direction: Creating Positive Change After Injury

PeoplePlus Participant Brett

A back injury left Brett physically injured, caught in a cycle of depression, and requiring strong prescription pain killers. With the support of PeoplePlus, he has re-skilled in a new industry, regained his confidence and been promoted at work just 6 months into his new job.

When Brett suffered a serious back injury in 2009, his doctors told him that he would never walk again. 

The following years passed in a haze, through which he lacked motivation to do anything at all and lost all confidence in himself. 

‘I don’t think I had a life before PeoplePlus,’ he says, ‘Since 2009 I just haven’t had one’. 

Eventually, Brett was spurred to leave Melbourne and his unhealthy lifestyle behind and move to a remote town. He was able to stop using the strong pain killers and was referred to a jobagency who had little success helping him. Then, he was introduced to PeoplePlus. 

‘I met my JobCoach and I think she just decided that she was going to get me a job’. 

Brett had significant physical and mental barriers to overcome. The biggest challenge facing his JobCoach was coaching Brett into believing that he was able to work - his self-esteem was very low. 

Additionally, he was located in an incredibly isolated community and had no access to transportation, which made finding a suitable position more difficult. 

Despite these hurdles, his JobCoach was determined to find Brett a job and set out an achievable plan of action. Ultimately, by getting him upskilled with the tools he needed to work there, she secured him a role with the only employer within a 50km radius - a clubhouse and restaurant. 

Although Brett had not previously considered working in this field, PeoplePlus gave him the resources to give it a shot. Happily, he found that he was extremely competent with the work and truly enjoyed it. 

Barry, the manager of the club he now works at, is impressed with Brett’s abilities and attitude and has supported his progression into more senior roles. 

‘He has excellent customer service, says Barry, ‘There’s also been times when I was away and Brett’s had to step up and the pressure’s been on…but he handles it really well’.  

Two years ago, Brett couldn’t imagine ever working again. Now trained in a whole new industry, and with the confidence to take on new opportunities, he is thankful to PeoplePlus for changing his life.

‘I’m doing a food course at the moment. Now, I’ve got a chance,’ says Brett, ‘Anywhere I go, I can get out and work in the kitchen or do barista work. I wouldn’t have any of that without them’. 

PeoplePlus’ Disability Employment Service specialises in helping people with mental health conditions or disabilities find work. We’ll work with you to overcome the challenges you face finding the right job, from identifying the right direction for you to take, to supporting your skills development.



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