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Is Work Experience The Answer To Building An Inclusive Small Business?

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We all know that finding the perfect candidate for your team isn’t an easy task and that onboarding the wrong person can be very tough on the workload of a small business. Businesses now have the opportunity to use the National Work Experience Programme to provide a placement to a jobseeker with disability to demonstrate skills to employers while also gaining experience and confidence themselves.

Why should businesses take part?

One in five Australians live with a disability. To find the best fit for the requirements of your business and to build a team that reflects the community in which it runs employers should be considering hiring people with a disability. Why miss out on talented employees?

Research shows that employees in inclusive workplaces are more engaged, motivated and productive. Workers with a disability also have lower rates of absenteeism and employee turnover, and low incidence of workplace injury.

Meet Kevin below to see how Disability Employment Services were able to ensure a good fit with Compass and enable him to soon run a thriving team at Compass Group (video of courtesy of JobAccess).

What does a National Work Experience Programme Placement Involve?

As a host business, you will be providing an unpaid work experience placement for up to 25 hours per week for up to four weeks, supervision, and on-the-job training.

What happens afterward?

After finding a jobseeker that’s an excellent fit for your business PeoplePlus may be able to provide financial incentives to encourage employers to hire an eligible participant. PeoplePlus will help you navigate the many government programs and wage subsidies that give incentive to hiring a jobseeker and support both the business and new employee for a year after employment commences.

If necessary PeoplePlus can also explore workplace modifications, training, and mentoring and support at no cost to you to ensure an excellent outcome for both business and jobseeker. If you'd like to find out more, please click the link below and a PeoplePlus JobCoach will contact you.

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4 ways to help you choose a Disability Employment Services Provider PeoplePlus partners to form Jobedge
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