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Regaining Confidence: Discover What You're Capable Of.

PeoplePlus Participant RobynAfter years of suffering with anxiety and depression, Robyn struggled to find the confidence or energy needed to seek and maintain steady work. PeoplePlus gave her the support she needed to embrace the fulfilling career she now enjoys.

Robyn had an immediate connection with her JobCoach, Stephanie. Stephanie’s challenge was to build Robyn’s belief in herself so that she could take on jobs that Stephanie knew she was perfectly capable of doing. 

Robyn had recently returned to her bushland home community in Pilliga and found exactly the guidance and assistance she needed in her PeoplePlus JobCoach. Severely lacking in self-esteem, she faced a daily battle with her mental health condition, something she says is still a constant struggle. 

However, with Stephanie’s encouragement and some financial help from PeoplePlus for a computer, fuel and phone credit, she was able to complete further education and gain the skills necessary for her desired career. 

‘Just having someone there that was genuinely concerned and interested in what I was doing really inspired me.’ says Robyn.

The difference she found with PeoplePlus was what she calls its ‘people-centred approach’. 

‘It’s about you and what you need at the time,’ she says, ‘Like the JobCoaches who understand when you’re having a low day and offer care and advice appropriate to your circumstances instead of just ticking the boxes.’ 

Achieving another qualification was not the only thing that helped Robyn. With PeoplePlus’s help, she also learnt to manage interpersonal or work-related challenges in the workplace that would previously cause her to give up. This ability to ‘stick it out’ allowed her to build the experience necessary for the large role she ultimately secured. 

In her toughest times, Robyn was sure that she would never be able to go back to full-time work. She still has days when she has difficulty getting out of bed. But having something to look forward to, with a job that enables her to support herself financially as well as make a difference to her community, gives her the strength to face the day. She is excited about her career and motivated for her future, which is a far cry from how she felt a couple of years ago.

Today, she has a fantastic role as a support specialist at FACS and feels incredibly lucky to be paid for doing what she loves. She is passionate about being a positive influence to her own children and grandchildren, as well as the wider local community. She wants anyone struggling with similar problems to know that with the right help, they can find the right opportunities, just like she has. 

‘I’ve been down that track,’ she says, ‘To keep pushing and seeking out the support that you need, is hard. But once you get there and you get the right support, it's all worth it.’

PeoplePlus has a dedicated team who specialise in finding work and developing careers for anyone dealing with mental health conditions. Let’s work together to build the skills you need and find you the job you want.



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